Where will this APP work?

The potential is endless, it will begin with airports, malls, hotels and end up with universities, gyms, businesses. The main purpose of the APP is to connect individuals on a platform that will transform to whatever you need it to be according to your surroundings.

How can I download the app?

The APP isn’t available in APP stores and play stores yet. We would advise that you register with us to be notified when this new APP is available for download.

How can I register to be notified for the APP release?

Click the “register” button on the top right of the screen

Can you use the APP without creating a profile

No, You need to create a profile for yourself to gain the full experience. The more information and interests you share on the APP within your profile the more information the APP can provide you on your journey

Where can I see the privacy policy?

The privacy policies can all be found if you press the link found in the “Useful Links” section in the footer. (put a screenshot of the section in the footer.

What is patent pending technology?

“Patent pending” (sometimes abbreviated by “pat. pend.” or “pat. pending”) is a legal term that can be used in relation to a product or process (in this case technology) once a patent application for the product or process has been filed, but prior to the patent being issued or the application abandoned. The marking serves to notify the public, business, or potential infringers who would copy the invention that they may be liable for damages, seizure, and injunction once a patent is issued. Fraudulent use of something labeled as patent pending is prohibited by the law of many countries and inventors should be cautious when marking products or methods that may arguably not be covered by any pending patent application.

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